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Keeping you posted, Geotagalog 1.3 update

2009 May 22

Geotagalog 1.3 went out today. The main new feature is that you can now geotag photos using multiple tracklog files. This should make it even easier to geotag a camera full of pictures as you import them into iPhoto, especially for users who use their GPS loggers regularly but do not download pictures every day.

If these posts seem kind of monotonous to you, you're in good company. We said in our first post that we wanted to add comments to this blog so we could get to know you better. That post was published several centuries ago, by some reckonings. We haven't forgotten. Blog comments are still a short-term goal, and we have made some progress internally on that front.

Another goal for this blog is to not just have post after post of "new product X, updated app Y, fixed some bugs in Z". While keeping customers informed is an important part of the Thoroughfare's bloggity existence, we can already put out press releases and tweets for that kind of stuff. We hope to add things we can't put in press releases, or say in 140 characters, into the mix of posts here: tips and tricks, what we're up to, product plans, inside looks, and lengthy introspective blog "blogs" about bloggity blogger blogging.

What are we up to? We're waiting for Apple to approve an update to Cheap GPS. It adds some helpful new navigation modes; we submitted it more than a week ago so we hope it will be available any day now. We've been working on two other iPhone apps to broaden our expertise on that platform, and fulfill some currently unmet needs there. We're thinking about Mercatalog, what it is and what it should become. (More on that another day.) And we're already at work on Geotagalog 2.0, adding some oft-requested major features and laying groundwork for future progress.

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