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Attention shoppers: Geotagalog 2.0 is finally (almost) here! Learn about 2.0β...

Geotagalog icon, a pin in a trail beneath rolling hills.


Take full advantage of the Places feature in iPhoto '09 using a GPS logger.

Download v1.5.6

Free demo only limits the amount of photos imported into iPhoto.
Universal binary, Mac OS X 10.5–10.6 Try the 2.0 beta instead! See details...

Let Geotagalog and a GPS logger do the hard work of assigning Places metadata to your photos. Why import ungeotagged pictures into iPhoto, when it's so straightforward to GPS-enable your favorite camera?

View tutorial with sample GPS tracklog


Geotagalog's sophisticated automatic geotagging technology combines locations from a tracklog file with the pictures on your camera.

Screenshot of Geotagalog soon after first launch Simply open a tracklog and choose a photo source. Make adjustments with a live preview, then easily import right into iPhoto '09.
Direct support for many tracklog types: