Calf Trail Thoroughfare

The trail so far

2009 January 21

Does the trail begin in June 2008, when Calf Trail Software, LLC came to officially exist? Or in December 2007, when we'd committed to the endeavor? Back in the 1990's, as we dreamed in front of our first computers? Or already back in 1714, when Tropka the Heifer was given to an honorable peasant landworker by a merry band of preo-Luddites as they pedalled through Yaroslavl Oblast on their skunkworks velocipede prototypes? (Okay, so that maybe didn't happen.)

Whatever the long story may be, trouble is we've been hard at work over the last year learning stuff and making things, without getting to know you! What things do you enjoy, what stuff are you hoping to get done this year, and how might a "little" software company founded on the edge of Washington's Steppe be of service to you? We've got some ideas, and we plan to use this space to share them with you. We hope you are eager to share your ideas, too. We've got a lot to do in the next few weeks; one of our priorities is to enable comments on these posts.

In the meantime, we'd be glad to hear what you think via email (or just @calftrail us a link to your blog post via twitter!). This post's food for thought: What do you expect (good and bad) in software, from a company that is just getting off the ground?

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