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Using Sesamouse

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Here's an overview of how Sesamouse should work.
Please let me know via if it is not working correctly on your computer.


  1. When you load Sesamouse with a Magic Mouse connected, it should say "Loading" and then "Ready" for a few seconds.
  2. NOTE: finger touches are only supported on Snow Leopard. This step will not work on Leopard (10.5).
    After that, move your cursor over Sesamouse (it also needs to still be the active program) and put your fingers on the mouse. You should see blue dots like in this screenshot:
  3. Try making gestures in the middle of the mouse like you would with an iPhone: pinch to magnify, twist to rotate. Sesamouse should preview your actions.
    Sesamouse ignores motions near the top of the mouse, so make sure to do your gestures in the lower half of the dotted rectangle shown in its window.
  4. If Sesamouse seems to be working, hide it and try making the gestures in another gesture-capable app. For example, zoom in on a photo in iPhoto or Preview by making a reverse pinch gesture in the middle of your mouse.
  5. Since version 1.2, you can also configure Sesamouse to trigger system hotkeys for things like Exposé and Dashboard. Access Sesamouse's preference window via its icon in the menu bar to choose actions for detected up and down swipes.