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More magic for your mouse.

Download v1.2

Requires Mac OS X 10.5* or 10.6

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The Magic Mouse hardware is full of potential — so much more than scrolling and swiping. Sesamouse interprets more motions, letting you zoom and rotate in gesture-capable apps like iPhoto and Preview. It even sends information about each finger on the mouse's surface to software that supports advanced multitouch. Just open Sesamouse to open sesame!

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NOTE: Sesamouse uses some undocumented system features as it works its magic. It may stop working with future releases of Mac OS X. If you experience any undesirable side effects and wish to discontinue use, simply quit Sesamouse. (And let us know, so we can try to fix it!)

Screenshot of Sesamouse showing touch circles for three fingers If you run Sesamouse,
all your wildest dreams will come true.