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Geotagalog 1.5, and beyond

2009 October 22

Geotagalog 1.5, with its signficantly improved tracklog handling, is here!

The skinny

The long

Nate had been hard at work on Geotagalog 2.0 already, when Geotagalog 1.4 was featured on MUPromo. With that opportunity came some fresh feedback and our own renewed critique of the existing product. Now Geotagalog rose from the ashes of Mercatalog; while Mercatalog's geolocation algorithms were sophisticated, they were designed for different circumstances.

Geotagalog is designed to geotag one camera full of photos, but it was sometimes frustrating to have Geotagalog assign locations to shots that were grabbed before or after trips with a GPS logger. We wanted to get a fix for this issue as well as a handful of other new features into your hands sooner rather than later. Thus this release.

What about the price increase? We've added a ton of features since Geotagalog 1.0, but the price has stayed 5¢ below $20 since its March release. By this version Geotagalog is a relatively mature product, with many many features already added. So we've raised the price for new purchases to an even $25. Geotagalog 1.5 is a free upgrade for existing customers. Repeat: If you already purchased Geotagalog at the old price, you have a valid license for this upgrade.

The future

And Geotagalog 2.0? More workflow options? A better map? Yes! We've heard your requests and have been eager for these features ourselves. We intend for you to start hearing more about this major upgrade now that Geotagalog 1.5 is out. (Some great progress was made on 2.0 even while 1.5 was in beta.)

"Wait, I see what you're doing," you might say. "Get everyone to buy 1.5 for $25, and then make them pay again as soon as 2.0 is out!"

How's this sound? We can't promise when or if Geotagalog 2.0 will ever be finished, or what features it will have, or how much it will cost. But here's the deal: we will offer a free upgrade to Geotagalog 2.0 for purchases from now until it is released. If you buy Geotalog 1.5 at this new price, you will be eligible for an upgrade to 2.0 with no extra charge.

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