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June general update

2009 June 13

Summer is here, and the beautiful sunny days make it feel like nothing important happens sitting inside at our desks. After our rapid development schedule this spring, working on bigger releases feels like slow progress. We've made good advancements, though, on a number of fronts:


Work continues on version 2.0 of our photo geotagging app. Assumptions in the original code were holding us back, so we've been doing some internal remodeling. These changes are taking a little longer than we'd hoped, but it turned out that many of them enable features that are appropriate for a release of their own. Since we appreciate the great service the MacUpdate team provides to both users and developers, we'll let you read about the new features in Geotagalog 1.4 beta there.

Cheap GPS

Our navigation updates made it through review. You can now enjoy two new navigation modes in both the pay and free versions. It might be a few weeks before we get to it, and a few weeks before it's available in Apple's store, but we've got even more planned. There's a lot of potential the new iPhone 3.0 software will open up.


Hmm, not so much progress here lately, huh? We do have plans for getting Mercatalog out from under the shadow of iPhoto's Places in the long term. We hope to present short-term plans before the mid-future is past.


We're still working out the most efficient way to improve the features on this blog and the content on our site. We want this site to reflect the dedication we have to our customers and to the work we do, without taking our focus and resources away from those very things.

We've been encouraged by all your emails, kind words and purchases lately. Enjoy these summer days, and keep taking those pictures!

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