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Beta test Geotagalog 1.2 to try NMEA and Training Center support

2009 April 24

We are designing Geotagalog to have the fastest, easiest geotagging workflow available. While GPX is a great GPS data exchange format, some of the handiest loggers on the market record location data in an older format known as NMEA 0183. Garmin's handheld receivers are also quite popular, but most of the units officially supported on the Mac are sports fitness devices. It's possible to convert files from both to the GPX standard — but that adds extra steps, extra hassle and an extra file. We're adding direct support for both NMEA logs and Garmin Training Center files to Geotagalog 1.2, which is available as a public beta today.

Current changes in Geotagalog 1.2 (beta) include:

We've successfully tested with files from the AMOD AGL3080, the Sony GPS-CS3 and a few others. We'd appreciate feedback, so download Geotagalog 1.2 and let us know how it works with your tracklogs. Please include details about what device you used, and thanks in advance!

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