Calf Trail Thoroughfare a yellow wood.

2010 January 20

It's an honor to be among the first to announce a new landmark on the map of independent software development: Pseudorandom Software, LLC is Hjon's new company, and the new home of what were Calf Trail's iPhone applications and iPhone development services. Hjon's many unique talents and skills will be missed here, but we think this is the best way forward for both us and our customers.

We wish Hjon all the best with Pseudorandom Software, and know that the customers of Inbugz and the others are still in the same good hands. If you've been reading this blog for the iPhone news, you'll want to point your feed readers to @prsoftware on Twitter instead.

Hjon has been a blessing to Calf Trail, and I (Nate) am looking forward to opportunities we may find for future collaboration. It might take a bit to get all the App Store settings fully transitioned over to Pseudorandom Software, so please be patient as we get things re-settled. As always, either of us would be happy to answer any questions you have about this in the comments or via email.

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