Calf Trail Thoroughfare

Step 3: Profit!

2009 October 8

Sixty-seven dollars and eighty-six cents profit to be exact, if Nate's calculations are correct.

Today, Calf Trail Software outpaced various fees of the legal, accountant, web hosting, payment processing, and developer program sort (also a Windows XP Pro license; don't ask) to finally yield a return on Nate and Hjon's initial investment. This was accomplished through a clever 3-fold strategy of selling software licenses, billing for consulting work, and not paying ourselves for over a year and a half.

We'd like to thank you, our customers and clients, for your patronage. We've been blessed with the opportunity to serve you while doing work that we love. Now...go tell your friends about our software, so that next year we can buy our instant ramen from a small salary instead of our savings.

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