Calf Trail Thoroughfare

Employee negative one

2009 October 5

Software developer holding smiling son, who is proudly wearing a company logo
(Minutes after this picture was taken, the bespoke Geotagalog onesie was destroyed in a tragic spitup accident.)

This little guy has been spending several days a week in the Calf Cave, making sure his dad remembers that there is more to life than writing new and updated software. When the calming playlist has been sung through and the hynoswing has taken over, only then can Nate's product work happen.

It's been awhile since Geotagalog has had a significant update, but we have definitely not forgotten about it. Nate has been working on a major release with some big new features, but that is taking longer than planned. In the meantime, we'll try to implement some other requests in a smaller release.

We appreciate your patience, and trust that you are finding many great places to explore and many great photographs to be taken.

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