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Announcing Cheap GPS

2009 April 17

It is with considerable solemnity and prodigious pomp that we — okay, okay, enough of that.

We've released another iPhone app. It's called Cheap GPS, and it's more or less a location-based game wrapped inside a location-based game.

The first location-based game is Geohashing, a random twist on geocaching invented by the author of the nerdly xkcd cartoon. The second location-based game is the classic "Hot or Cold?" game that also made an appearance on xkcd as the Worst GPS Ever. We thought, "That sounds like fun!" and built one.

Cheap GPS comes in two flavors:

  1. Cheaper GPS is free, and will tell you if you're growing nearer or farther from the day's geohash for your starting location.
  2. Cheap GPS is $0.99 (USD) and lets you target coordinates you dial up, in addition to the geohash.

And that's really all they do...for now. (Bum bum bum!)

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